Ramen Day #2

Chin-Ma-Ya, Tan Tan Men ramen

Now we’re talking my language here again, “Ramen”..  Every time I here that word I pop up and ask the 3 “W” questions: “What?” “When?” “Where?” So we decided to head up again to Little Tokyo (my favorite hangout spot) and go for a ramen adventure again… We were planning to go to try a new ramen place like Kouraku or Manten but maybe next time… I was thinking of a great ramen place we often go so we headed to Chin-Ma-Ya… Just inside the Weller Court on San Pedro St and E. 2nd St…  Not Orochon Ramen.. I don’t know why people go there just because Adam Richman (Man VS Food) appeared there and ate their special #2 challenge… I’m sorry to all Orochon Ramen Fans but my experience didn’t go well the first and last time I will eat there.. I came for the authentic taste not for the spiciness…  Anyway, back to Chin-Ma-Ya, when I received my Tan Tan Men ramen, I can smell the peanut flavor sauce (I think that’s what they use) and see myself drool over my bowl… With the side of fried rice and Chicken Kara-age, Oh wow, can’t go wrong with that… I ordered with some extra noodles being a pig like me who needs more noodles =P….   Yup Yup and $1.99 of a big glass of Kirin Beer…. Everything went well after I ate there on a rainy day..


About bobster1416

Hi my name is Bobby.. I love to venture out, discover new restaurants to eat, and share my experience with everybody.. I'm a Foodie Fanatic who loves to eat and take photographs whenever and wherever I can.. I just love to eat, who doesn't..
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